Rodeo FAQ’s

Is this a real rodeo?

Yes, the rodeo has many typical rodeo events and some very hilarious and funny unique events as well.

Why is it called a gay rodeo?

It is called a gay rodeo for 2 reasons.  1.  It is an inclusive event that is open to everyone to visit, compete and participate in and has a different format than traditional rodeos.   2.  Many rodeos are extremely sexist, meaning only men compete in some events while women compete in others.    Our rodeo does not discriminate against anyone.    Anyone is welcome to compete in any of the events.

What does it cost for spectators to come watch?

Entry into the rodeo for ages 13 and up is $10 per person, ages 6-12 is $5 per person and those under 5 years old are free

What should I expect the day of the rodeo?

When you arrive, there will be vendors setup, food available for purchase and lots of action as the rodeo prepares.    The rodeo starts at 11:30 am.

Who can participate and compete?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate and compete.    You do not need to be a member of KSGRA to participate and compete.

What does it cost to enter?

The rodeo events each cost $25 per event per person.   $20 of the entry fee goes to the cash payout and the other $5 goes to KSGRA.

What happens if I win?

At the end of the rodeo, cash payouts and ribbons will be given out.

Also, each participant is automatically in the running to be the All-Around Cowboy and All-Around Cowgirl.     At the end of the rodeo, points for each placing are tallied and the cowboy and cowgirl with the most points will win the All-Around Cowboy and All-Around Cowgirl Buckles.