Animal Welfare

KSGRA Follows the following Statement on Animal Welfare:

The Keystone State Gay Rodeo Association (KSGRA) hereby endorses and adopts the promotion of animal welfare and the humane, responsible treatment of animals in their housing, feeding, training, exercising and competition.

We shall strive to assure that our events are purposefully tailored and executed to provide animal and human participants the safest environment possible and shall act to immediately disqualify or reprimand any contestant, official or contracted personnel found to be treating animals in an inhumane manner.

We Support Animal Welfare

Rodeo events sanctioned by KSGRA operate under modified rules of professional and non-gay rodeo while preserving GLBT participation in this North American tradition. Although consisting of traditional rodeo events such as bull riding and bronc riding, gay rodeo activities have purposefully been tailored to provide the animal and human participants with the safest environment possible, while still demonstrating the skill of the contestant.

KSGRA uses stock animals in the sport of rodeo. Our position is that this responsible use of stock does not rise to the level of abuse. KSGRA does not abuse animals nor condone animal abuse, at any time, in any way, by anyone.

The KSGRA imposes specified rules related to animal welfare which are strictly enforced. The Association penalizes any contestant, official or contractor found to be treating any animals inhumanely.

Specific animal use guidelines include:

  • KSGRA prohibits the use of electric prods in bucking chutes.
  • Spur rowels in riding events have event-specific requirements.
  • A fleece flank strap is used for bucking events and is not painful to animals in any way.
  • Goats participating in the “Goat Dressing” event are required to be between 25 and 30 inches in height and are rested after every 8 “dressings”.
  • Arenas are groomed and leveled for maximum horse safety during the speed events.
  • We prohibit the use of lame, sore, sick, or undersized stock in any event at any time.
  • KSGRA directs the removal of any animal from competition that appears to be in danger of injuring itself.