Evan Anouna, Vice-President

Evan was born and raised in central New Jersey. Although his family never owned horses, he always had a passion for them. He started taking riding lessons at age six, and competed in Equitation in high school. Evan started working with racehorses at 17, prior to going to college in New York. While enrolled in the school’s racing program, Evan learned to handle tough, unruly horses, and also competed on the school’s western horsemanship team.

In spring of 2018, after a rather rough ride with one of his mounts at college, Evan sought out KSGRA to try his luck with a bronc. Unfortunately he never got the chance, but still found a passion for the rodeo, as well as the people and horses that he met along the way.

In December of 2018, Evan received his bachelor’s degree in Equine Science, specializing in thoroughbred racing.

After college, Evan galloped professionally full time, moving between several states in the process, but still found time to come back for the rodeo events. In 2019 and 2020 Evan took back to back All Around Cowboy titles.

Now Evan is a licensed exercise rider, galloping horses at Monmouth and Belmont Park. In addition, plans on training his own horses to use in the rodeos.