Michael Norman, Trustee

Michael Norman has been involved with IGRA rodeos for over 30 years.   He attend IGRA rodeos as a spectator in the late 80s, became a member of an association and started volunteering at the local level. He then started going to other association rodeos close by (Little Rock, Oklahoma city, and Kansas City).  After a few years, he started working on the IGRA rodeo official certifications.  Michael is certified as a Rodeo Secretary and  an IGRA Rodeo auditor.  He has held several positions on member association’s board including Sonoran Rodeo Association and KSGRA.  Michael also holds membership in the Red River Rodeo Association and the Suwannee River Rodeo Association.  “I am proud to be the IGRA trustee for Keystone.”  Michael travels to about 6-8 IGRA sanctioned rodeos each year, which enables him to help KSGRA be represented at the rodeos, and likes volunteering to help many of our IGRA associations promote the country and western lifestyle, put on rodeos to help charities in the local communities and enjoy the amazing IGRA rodeo family.