Jeff Singleton, Trustee

Jeff Singleton is the Quality Assurance Coordinator for Monocacy Health Partners, an affiliate of Frederick Regional Health System in Frederick, MD.  Working with the Clinical Service Director, Medical Director’s, and the COO to monitor and provide consultation and direction to ensure programs and services are implemented at the highest standards and patients receive the highest level of care while ensuring policies and procedures are monitored and updated to include regulatory changes.

Jeff also works in conformity with the staff, Leadership Team, and Practice Managers in 17 primary care and specialty practices to ensure a productive, cost effective, friendly, and most importantly a safe work environment for all staff within Monocacy Health Partners.

In addition to his career, Jeff’s most important role in life is being a positive role model to his 4 year old adopted son Logan, ensuring that he grows into a caring, independent, respected, and successful young man.

In his free time Jeff spends most of his time with Logan teaching him to ride, horseback riding, and going to horse shows, and rodeos.  The most important time Jeff and Logan spend together are when they are playing, laughing and working on the very important school work.